No Insurance? No Problem!

We Have Affordable Cash Pay Options for You

  • Comprehensive Physical/ Exam Annual $130.00- In person ONLY: Including annual screening lab test CBC, CMP, HgbA1c, TSH, and Lipid Panel
  • Follow up Visits $50.00
  • Sick Visits $65.00- Telemedicine
  • Follow-up Visits $45.00 – Telemedicine
  • Medication Review & Refills only $60.00- Telemedicine/in person
  • Medical Clearance Forms/Return to work forms $45.00- Telemedicine visits/in person
  • Medical State/work Disability Forms $65.00 

 If xray/imaging necessary you will be referred to a local Diagnostic Center and you are responsible for their fees. 

* All Comprehensive Annual Exams MUST be done In Person. All other exams Can be done by TeleMed.